Handmade Jewerly - Kid Tested, Mommy Approved!

As a lover of fashion and modern styles, as well as a single mom to two boys, Jamie Warren, the gal behind The 7th Crow, has learned the importance of a well-made piece of jewelry. Jamie's love for making jewelry began with the task of repairing jewelry that had been tugged on one too many times by a toddler, and by November 2010, The 7th Crow was born. Jamie's original handmade designs can be found on Etsy.com as well as The7thCrow.com. Jamie will tell you that it is her mission is to make sturdy, affordable, unique, modern and fashionable jewelry for people of all walks of life. The 7th Crow's motto is “Kid Tested and Mommy Approved”!

Also, in working with a very special group of artists, The 7th Crow has gifted handmade jewelry to stars such as Zooey Deschanel, the star of Fox's hit show, The New Girl, film star Katie Holmes and reality TV star and author, Lauren Conrad. The 7th Crow has also participated in the celebrity swag gift lounge at The Golden Globes as well as the MTV Movie Awards! Jamie has been featured on LaunchHer.com, which is an organization supporting women in business. In describing Jamie, LaunchHer has said, "Jamie features the undiscovered items that are often lost in an age of chain retailers and commercial advertising.”

Welcome to the world of The 7th Crow!

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